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At WhiteWater, our After Sales Department provides a complete range of products and services designed to help keep your rides fun, safe, and looking their best season after season. Because we understand the importance of always looking your best.


Water Parks

Water park and ride inspections

Our comprehensive water park inspections are completed by a certified senior WhiteWater technician who will help you determine the condition of your attractions and plan for any needed service work.

Resurfacing and refurbishment services

Our resurfacing and refurbishment services will make your slides and play structures look as good as new and for a fraction of the cost of a new one.

You can also visit our eStore anytime to purchase replacement part or to learn more about our services.

Water Rides

Ride Assessments

Our Water Ride’s Technical Support and Service Team will assess your water ride and recommend a phased plan that works with your park’s maintenance budget.

Upgrades and replacement parts

If a brand-new ride isn’t in your budget, we offer a range of service from controls upgrades and new vehicles to new lifts, drops, and stations along with whole ride replacements for everything above ground.

We also offer replacement parts which can be purchased from our After Sales team, get in touch today.


FlowRider assessments

Our team can assess your FlowRider to help you determine its condition and plan for any service work it may need.

Refurbishment services

We offer full refurbishments or partial refurbishments on nozzles, foam and vinyl, ride surface, recovery and decking, and boards.

Our team is here is to help you maintain your attractions so that they operate safely and smoothly for years to come. AS SMOOTH AS THAT PICK UP LINE YOU’RE STILL USING.

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